Hi there!  Before going any further, I  hope you have read our page, "Don't Buy A Newf". 

After you have read that,  and understand all that should be considered in regards to owning a Newfoundland dog,
then please, do continue on...

Our Newfoundland pups are raised in our home with lots and lots of love and attention,
and every little one that is born here at our home is loved and cherished.

We spend hours upon hours with our puppies.  
When we have a litter not much else gets done.. and if we don't keep one of the pups ourselves,
our priority is to place them in a home with a family that will love
 and cherish them just like we have done for their first 8 - 10 weeks of life. 

We expect nothing less!

  We strive to produce healthy and happy Newfoundland puppies first and foremost. 
We only breed Newfoundlands that have generation upon generation of ancestors that are free of genetic problems ,
have stellar temperaments, and ones that are a good representative of the breed! 


  Our goal is to produce Newfoundlands that will excel in the confirmation and obedience rings
as well as have great working abilities on land or in the water ...
but most importantly, we want them to be an outstanding,
treasured, family member that everyone will be proud to own and love. 

Breeding and living with this wonderful breed is not a hobby, nor is it a job,  it is a priviledge.

All of our Newfoundland puppies are sold with a 1 year written guarantee covering hips, hearts and cystinuria
and a lifetime guarantee for their temperaments as the temperament of  a Newfoundland is the hallmark of the breed. 
All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, micro-chipped and checked by one of
  the excellent Veterinarians at the Exploits Valley Animal Hospital before they leave our home. 

If you would like to be put on our "Waiting List" for a puppy please complete our "Puppy Questionaire".  

 For a copy of our guarantee and sales agreement, please contact us. 

We would be pleased to forward it to you.

ALL puppies are sold with a Non - Breeding agreement registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
We do NOT sell dogs for breeding.


We do not have any puppies at the moment. 


We are hoping to breed our beautiful girl Violet from Norkros Kennels in Poland to our
handsome boy Jack, pending certifications. 

Please check back or contact us for more information.



Click here to see a video of a Claire, Goliath, Abby and puppies in 2006.
Click here to see a video of Claire and Goliath's puppies from 2007.